Everyday administration


Our PFA is an online tool that ensures that the administration of your pension plan is easy and simple when you need to submit information, report, make changes, etc.

If you want to write us a message, please do so via our secure communications channel by logging in here.

If you are using NemID to log in, you can attach a civil registration number to the employee signature. This ensures a 1:1 communication between you and the PFA Pension employee.

Please note that if you log in with a civil registration number attached to the employee signature, it will only be you who receive the messages that are sent in the future. Your colleagues will not be able to access them. 

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Guide to Our PFA

When you are logged in, under the “Vejledning” (“Instructions”) tab, you can find instructions on how to make a registration, a change or submit a report or payment. In the unlikely event that you cannot find the help you need, please contact PFA Business Centre by calling (+45) 70 80 90 30 and they will then assist you.


How do I get set up as an administrator?

The first time you log on to Our PFA, you will be asked to choose what access rights you require. Here you need to select ‘Policeadministration’ (‘Policy administration’), as this will give you access to registering, de-registering of employees and reporting pensions. If you have questions about this log-on process, you are always welcome to call PFA Business Centre at (+45) 70 80 90 30.

If you need assistance, you can contact PFA Business Centre either by::



Read the standard terms and conditions for Our PFA

Standard terms and conditions for PensionsWeb®Indberetning

1. PensionsWeb®Indberetning
PFA Pension will make the internet-based information system called PensionsWeb®Indberetning available to the Company. This agreement does not govern the relationship between PFA Pension and the individuals who have registered for the pension plan (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Insured’).

2. Contents and access

2.1. Contents
PFA Pension will independently decide upon the precise functions, information and screen images for PensionsWeb®Indberetning. PFA Pension may at any time without notice make changes, including adding new functions or removing existing ones.

2.2. Access
PFA Pension will provide a password to the person that the Company - with that person’s consent - designates as an Administrator for PFA Pension. PFA Pension will send the password to that person’s private address. As PensionsWeb®Indberetning is an internet-based system, access to the Company’s information can be given using a valid password from any computer connected to the internet. The Company will be responsible for ensuring that there are sufficient precautionary procedures for adding/removing an Administrator to prevent misuse of PensionsWeb®Indberetning, including unwarranted access.

3. IT setups that need to be established by the parties

3.1. The parties’ obligation to establish IT setups
The parties are be obliged to separately - at their own expense - establish the IT setups that allow for the necessary prerequisites for the satisfactory functionality of PensionsWeb®Indberetning. The relevant necessary and technical prerequisites are described at www.pfa.dk.; www.pfa.dk.

3.2. Description of the IT setup
The Company’s connection to PensionsWeb®Indberetning is established via the internet. Communications between the Company and PFA Pension must be protected by SSL encryption.

4. The parties’ electronic communications via PensionsWeb®Indberetning
In terms of the electronic communication from the Company to PFA Pension via PensionsWeb®Indberetning, the provisions of this section will apply in addition to the provisions of the Danish Contract Act. Deadlines in connection with entering into agreements will be counted from the time that the information/electronic messages are received to the extent stated on the next page.

5. Rights to information on PensionsWeb®Indberetning

PFA Pension holds all rights to PensionsWeb®Indberetning, including but not limited to PFA’s information on PensionsWeb®Indberetning and the configuration of screen images and chapters. The Company may solely be entitled to use PensionsWeb®Indberetning to administer the pension plan. The Company will not be entitled, in any way, to transfer these rights to third parties. If the Company has departments or intra-group companies in Denmark or abroad and if the pension administrators from these companies get access to PensionsWeb®Indberetning, the Company must ensure that the terms and conditions of this agreement are applied in relation to such potential Danish or foreign administrators.

PFA Pension disclaims all responsibility or liability for any consequences (including indirect losses and consequential losses) from technical interruptions or other matters that result from PFA Pension temporarily closing access to PensionsWeb®Indberetning. PFA Pension disclaims all responsibility or liability for any consequences (including indirect losses and consequential losses) from the misuse of user rights or unwarranted access to PensionsWeb®Indberetning. PFA Pension also disclaims all responsibility or liability for any kind of consequences (including indirect losses or consequential losses) from erroneous data and information sent via PensionsWeb®Indberetning, regardless of whether these are due to clerical errors, technological errors during generation of data or transfer of data or distortion of data due to unwarranted persons gaining access (hacking).

7. Termination of the agreement
Both parties can at any time terminate this agreement at three month’s written notice. In the event of a material breach of the agreement, the violated party can terminate the agreement with immediate effect and demand compensation in accordance with the common compensation rules of Danish law to the extent that the responsibility or liability has not been disclaimed pursuant to this agreement. If this agreement is terminated - regardless of the reason - this will not in itself result in the termination of the parties’ pension agreement. When the pension agreement is terminated, this agreement will also automatically be terminated.