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Address and opening hours

Sundkrogsgade 4
2100 Copenhagen, Denmark

(+45) 70 12 50 00

Opening hours:  

Monday - Thursday: 8.00 - 16.30
Friday: 8.00 - 16.00

Questions about your pension plan?

If you have any questions regarding your pension plan, please call PFA’s Advisory Services Centre at:

(+45) 70 12 50 00

Need to use your insurance cover?

If you have any questions about your insurance or wish to file a claim, please feel free to contact PFA’s Advisory Services Centre at:

(+45) 70 12 50 00


You can submit feedback on your experience with PFA here

Make a complaint to PFA complaints department

PFA has a department that deals with complaints about decisions, the claims process or explanations from PFA. You can submit a written complaint here >