War in Ukraine: PFA is creating a psychological hotline

All of PFA’s customers and members can get free psychological advisory services concerning the war in Ukraine. Employees, union representatives, HR departments and managers can call the hotline, where psychologists are standing by to offer advisory services, answer questions and offer tools to handle the situation.

Several of PFA’s corporate and organisational customers have employees with Ukrainian roots or offices in the war-torn country. For them, the insecurity hits very close to home, but it is not only those who are directly impacted by it that are concerned by the war. 

Therefore, PFA is creating a psychological hotline that will be available to all customers and members. The hotline will be staffed by authorised psychologists who have experience with offering emergency counselling in connection with crises and stress responses.

With the psychological hotline, PFA wants to help limit the negative impact that can occur in connection with the war in Ukraine and thus offer as much comfort as possible in a difficult time.

“The terrible situation that is unfolding in Ukraine is a major psychological burden for those who are impacted by the war in some way or another. At PFA, we have a great deal of experience with helping people in crisis situations, and therefore we will do what we can to support customers and members during a difficult time. At the same time, our corporate and organisational customers are seeing a need for advice and guidance about how one should respond to the situation as a manager or person responsible for HR. With this hotline, concerned employees can now call in and get competent assistance or maybe just talk to someone with a sympathetic ear,” says Mads Kaagaard, Group EVP at PFA. 

The psychological hotline has been created together with Dansk Krisekorps, which has a lot of experience in managing crisis conversations. 

Customers and members can contact the psychological hotline 24/7 by calling 

(+45) 40 22 81 65

The psychological hotline opened on 1 March and is so far scheduled to remain open until the end of April.