Acceptance of the PFA-led offer for Nykredit

The offer made by the PFA-led consortium to acquire 16.9 per cent of the equity capital in Nykredit from Forenet Kredit, Industriens Fond (the Danish Industry Foundation) and Foreningen Østifterne has now been finally approved. The consortium will acquire the shares at a total price of DKK 11.6 billion.

The final approval was made on 23 November 2017, when the representatives of Forenet Kredit voted in favour of letting PFA, PensionDanmark, PKA, AP Pension and MP Pension join Nykredit's group of owners.

The offer has thereby been approved by all shareholder parties.

“We are very pleased that the representatives of Forenet Kredit have accepted the offer and support the solution which the consortium is now part of. The agreement has brought clarity to the long-term ownership and capital structure of Nykredit, and the groundwork has been laid for realising Nykredit’s substantial commercial potential also in the future. We are confident that Nykredit’s management will continue its strong development of Nykredit. This is good news for the customers, and it will ensure stable and competitive returns to the consortium’s pension savers,” says Allan Polack, Group CEO in PFA.


The PFA-headed consortium, which represents more than 2 million individual pension savers, has acquired 16.9 % of Nykredit’s equity capital at a total price of DKK 11.6 billion. The five pension companies in the consortium contribute with the following equity investments and interests:

• PFA: DKK 6.9 billion (10.03 % equity interest)
• PensionDanmark: DKK 1.65 billion (2.4 % equity interest)
• PKA: DKK 1.65 billion (2.4 % equity interest)
• AP Pension: DKK 1.1 billion (1.63 % equity interest)
• MP Pension: DKK 300 million (0.44 % equity interest)

For further information, please contact:

PFA: Kristian Lund Pedersen, Chief Press Officer, (+45) 39 17 58 79,
PensionDanmark: Ulrikke Ekelund, Head of Communications and Media, (+45) 20 19 92 38,
PKA: Thomas B. Knudsen, Head of Press, (+45) 39 45 45 17,
AP Pension: Michael Buksti, Press and Communications Officer, (+45) 40 90 29 48,
MP Pension: Mogens Holbøll, Head of Communications, (+45) 29 29 36 94,