PFA is building four student housing properties for more than 1,000 students

Denmark's largest pension company, PFA, will be constructing four student housing properties to the tune of DKK 1 billion, in Odense, Aalborg, Aarhus and Copenhagen in the coming years. By the name 'PFA Kollegiet', these student housing properties aim to create optimal conditions for learning, community and sustainability for more than 1,000 students. Construction of the first property will be completed in 2020.

PFA, which celebrates its centennial this year, is going to build new, modern student housing properties in Denmark's four largest cities - Odense, Aalborg, Aarhus and Copenhagen. The total investment amounts to more than DKK 1 billion and the four properties will altogether accommodate more than 1,000 students.

"PFA has seen great benefits from the development that Denmark has undergone in terms of a high level of education during the last century. This is a development we would like to see continue, why we want to make a contribution. With the PFA student housing properties we want to create modern and attractive student housing that helps meet the housing shortage that so many students are experiencing. The project's driving force is the ambition to create optimal conditions for learning, community and sustainability. At the same time we will be able to offer our customers something new and unique that ties the different generations together," says Allan Polack, Group CEO of PFA.
The Minister of Higher Education and Science is greatly pleased by the construction of these four student housing properties.

"Living together with other students under good conditions contributes to a good student environment, which makes you both happy and smart. The number of admissions to higher education has risen noticeably since 2009, which unfortunately also means a shortage of student housing in larger student cities. This is why it is important for private sector operators, like PFA, to act as good citizens and contribute to the positive development by increasing the options for student housing," says Søren Pind (Left, Liberal Party of Denmark), Minister of Higher Education and Science.

Odense is the first to get new student housing

According to the plan, the four student housing properties will be ready in 2022 at the latest. Odense will be the first city to get new student housing, which will be ready to take in students from the beginning of 2020.

"An active and inspiring student environment is crucial to the life of any large student city. The construction of a large, modern and sustainable student housing property right in the heart of the city is a huge win, because it helps us ensure that even students can afford to live in the city centre and be part of this exciting development that Odense is enjoying now," says Peter Rahbæk Juel (Social Democrat Party), Mayor of Odense.

The students too welcome the new student housing.

"We are thrilled that PFA wants to build this many new student homes. It helps give students the opportunity to live in town amid fantastic surroundings and close to their place of study. The type of student housing which PFA is building now will mean a lot to the younger and future students, because we know that it is indeed cheaper housing options and social togetherness they want," says André Shamoun, chairman of Syddanske Studerende.

Focus on community, strong learning environment and sustainability

Arkitema Architects is the company that has, in cooperation with PFA, developed the concept for the coming PFA student housing properties. Partner, Dorthe Keis, views the new properties as outstanding when it comes to creating dynamic and attractive student housing based on modern and socially sustainable communities.

"For many years there has been a tendency to build individual-oriented student housing. The PFA student housing properties break this trend by focusing on strengthening the community. Students will have their own rooms with a bathroom, but the common areas are particularly in focus, like kitchens, modern study areas and common rooms which live up to the way in which young people study and spend time together today,” says Dorte Keis, partner in Arkitema Architects.
The ambition is for the student housing to obtain DGNB certification, which sets requirements relating to sustainability for buildings and facilities. PFA Kollegiet Odense, which will be ready in 2020, will thus be one of the first student housing properties in Denmark to achieve DGNB certification.

Minister of Higher Education and Science, Søren Pind, will be present when the student housing plans are presented.

Further details about the construction plans for the PFA student housing properties will be presented in Odense on 31 August at 12:30. The presentation will be held at Toldbodgade, where the student housing property in Odense is planned to be built. Among those who will be present are Minister of Higher Education and Science, Søren Pind (Left, Liberal Party of Denmark), Odense's Mayor Peter Rahbæk Juel (Social Democrats), City Council Chair Jane Jegind (Left, Liberal Party of Denmark) and Group CEO of PFA, Allan Polack.

Facts about PFA student housing

  • Total PFA investment: More than DKK 1 billion
  • Total number of rooms in the four properties: More than 1,000
  • Total living space of the four properties: More than 40,000 m2
  • Locations: Copenhagen, Odense, Aarhus and Aalborg
  • Occupancy date: Will take place on an ongoing basis over the next 3 to 5 years. PFA Kollegiet Odense is expected to be ready at the beginning of 2020, while the properties in Aarhus, Aalborg and Copenhagen are expected to be ready at the latest in 2022.
  • Sign-up: Expected to start six months before the construction is completed, at the latest
  • Tenants: SU-eligible students undergoing higher education. PFA’s 1.2 million individual customers will have preference to sign up their children and grandchildren for student housing
  • Architect: Arkitema Architects together with PFA, have developed the concept for the PFA colleges and designed PFA Kollegiet Odense
  • Contractor: Casa A/S will be building PFA Kollegiet Odense
  • PFA’s concept for the four colleges:
    Diverse community: The student housing facilities focus on a corporate spirit - varying degrees of community among the residents, and interaction with the local community.
    Strong learning environment: The student housing facilities will provide a learning environment for students which will give room for inspiration, immersion and cooperation.
    Sustainable construction: The environment, energy-efficiency and resource-awareness are key when it comes to the student housing properties.
  • PFA Pension turns 100 in 2017. PFA was founded in 1917 by several employer organisations as an independent company, with the sole purpose of securing a safe financial future for employees and families. Today, PFA is Denmark's largest commercial pension company, managing more than DKK 500 billion with 1.2 million individual customers.

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