Your pension plan

Rambøll believes that it is important that its employees can afford to live life fully in retirement. Therefore, as part of your employment, you will get a pension plan that secures you financially in retirement and if you fall ill or get injured.

Payments to your pension plan

Your pension plan consists of an insurance package and a savings plan. You pay 9 % of your salary to your pension scheme. 

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InvesteringHow do you want to Invest your savings?

As a starting point, your employer has selected an investment profile for you. However, people are different and have different views on risk. Therefore, it is important that you select an investment profile that suits you.

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Is the right persons secured in the event of your death?

Who should receive your money when you are no longer here? If you have appointed a beneficiary on the former plan, and if you want to transfer this appointment to the new plan, then you need to complete a new beneficiary declaration.

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Does your Insurance cover fit your present life situation?

Children, salary increase, change of home, divorce. When your life changes, it may be a good idea to check whether your insurance cover provides the necessary cover.

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Do you want to collect your pension plans?

PFA’s overall recommendation is that you collect your pension savings in one place. This gives you a good overview, and having one plan makes it easier to change and adjust your savings plan whenever needed. In some cases, it is not advantageous to transfer your savings. Please contact us so that we can give your advice.

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(+45) 70 80 68 73

Book a pension consultation

A pension consultation ensures that you get maximum value from your new pension plan. It is up to you whether you prefer a consultation at your workplace/at PFA or an online consultation. A consultation at your workplace takes place during the day. An online consultation is a very flexible solution, and it is possible for your spouse or partner to participate. All you need is your phone and a computer or a tablet, and the consultation can then take place whenever it suits you – as late as until 20:00.


Get an overview at My PFA

My PFA ( is your online overview of your pension plan. Here, you can keep track of your savings and return as well as use the Pension Plan to plan your future finances. PFA recommends that you fill in your personal information and sign up for PFA Fokus, which regularly sends you personal recommendations targeted to your plan.

You can access My PFA from your smartphone, tablet or computer.