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We want to provide you with an easily accessible website which includes the most relevant contents for you. In order to make this feasible, we apply technologies that allow us to collect information about you and about how you and other visitors use The purpose of this policy is to create transparency and provide you with a full overview of what our processing of your personal information implies for you, what you must pay attention to as well as which steps you can take to oppose the processing.

Processing of personal data in connection with cookies

Our application of cookies may imply processing of personal data, and due to this we recommend that you also read about out processing of personal data as well as your rights here.


When you proceed on our website, you accept that PFA Pension uses cookies on the website as described in the table below, unless you have opted out cookies in your browser settings. If you had not opted out cookies when submitting your consent, you can withdraw the consent by blocking cookies on your web browser. You can find more information about how you can block and delete cookies below.

Why do we use cookies?

Cookies are used by almost all websites. In some cases, the use of cookies is the only way in which a website can function as intended.

Cookies can help us get an overview of your visit at our website so that we can keep optimising and targeting the website to your needs and interests on an ongoing basis. For example, cookies will remember if you have visited the page before, if you are logged in, etc. We also use cookies to target our ads at you here as well as on other websites.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a file which is stored on your computer, tablet, smartphone or other IT equipment - also named "terminal equipment". It facilitates the possible recognition of your terminal equipment and collection of information about which pages are visited and which functions are used. A cookie is not a programme, and it cannot contain a virus.

This webpage uses cookies as well. You will always be notified before we store any cookies, and have the opportunity to not give your consent to such storing. In that case, it may entail that the website cannot operate as intended, and that certain functions cannot be accessed or used.

Cookies and personal data

When you visit our website, we automatically collect information about you and your activities on the website – this happens through storing cookies. We, among other things, collect information about what type of browser and search terms you use, and about your IP address; for example your network location, and information about your computer.

However, cookies alone cannot find out who you are, what your name is, where you live, or whether the computer is used by one or more persons. Cookies can, however, in the given circumstances, be used to indirectly identify you, when the collected information is combined with additional information. Your information will always be processed as personal data in accordance with our policy on processing of personal data.

What type of cookies do we use, and what is the purpose?

We use the following types of cookies (an outline of them all can be found at the bottom of this page):

  • Technical and necessary
    Technical and necessary cookies are partly cookies, which are a technical prerequisite for having a functional website, and partly cookies, which make the site usable by activating fundamental functions such as page navigation. The website cannot function properly without these cookies.
  • Functional
    Functional cookies make it possible for a website to remember information that changes the look or the behaviour of the website. For example, in order to show the website in the language of the user’s choice.
  • Statistics
    Statistical cookies help website owners understand, how visitors interact with websites, by collecting and reporting information anonymously. Among other things, we use cookies for statistical purposes in order to improve the usability. Our use of the information includes learning about number of visitors and user behaviour.
  • Marketing
    Marketing cookies are used to trace visitors across websites. The intention is to show ads that seem relevant and engaging to the individual user, and are thus valuable to publishers and third party advertisers.
  • Third party
    You may share contents from this website on social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. It should be expected that the social media network stores cookies. The type and purpose of the cookies change across the social media networks, and it is the responsibility of network operator in question to provide information and acquire your consent to storing these cookies.

Additionally, we have business partners, who store cookies through our website, and have access to information collected by cookies sent from our website.

Time frame for storing cookies

The lifespan of cookies can vary, depending on what the individual operator wants from them. Some cookies disappear as soon as you close the browser, whereas others may exist for years. Many operators use a lifespan of 12 or 24 months on the cookies that concern statistics, ads and contents. The lifespan is reset after every visit.

How to avoid or remove cookies

In case you wish to avoid cookies, the best solution is to refrain from using the website.

Alternatively, you can block the individual cookies by means of the browser settings in question. However, this solution is not recommendable, as it might entail that parts of the website do not function as intended or cannot be displayed optimally. You can also delete cookies that have been placed earlier.

The methods for blocking cookies, or deleting cookies that have been placed earlier, depend on the browser and the device used for visiting the website. You can read more about this under the individual browsers:

If you have previously accepted cookies on this site, but would like to change the settings you can click the following button:

Any questions?

If you have any comments or questions regarding our information and/or processing of personal details, please contact our data protection officer at

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Please state your consent-ID and date, when contacting us regarding your consent.