Welcome to the plan for the former Bankpension

Bankpension’s plan offers you an attractive pension plan that includes a number of insurance plans and a savings plan.

Breakdown of your pension plan

You become covered by the pension plan when you become employed, however, you must have attained the age of 18.
As a starting point, you will be covered by some basic insurance plans, and your savings will be placed in the market rate environment under investment profile C with medium risk and return expectations. You can adjust your insurance cover and change your investment profile to match your specific wishes and needs.

How you get started

You will be registered for the pension plan in connection with your employer’s notification of your first salary. You will then receive a pension summary which states how much is being paid into your savings plan. The pension summary also includes information about your investment profile and insurance cover. You can also get an overview of your pension plan by logging on at mitpfa.dk.

Subsequently, you will receive a digital welcome programme via e-mail. The welcome programme will help you to get a good start with your pension plan. Among other things, you will be asked to enter your contact information, possibly upload your information from PensionsInfo and give your consent to PFA contacting you. The more information you provide, the better recommendations PFA can give you. 


Standard* Options Read more
Investing your savings Investment profile C

Investment profiles A, B and D, PFA Optional or You Invest

You can choose to invest all or a part of your savings in PFA Climate Plus

About Investments in
the market rate environment

About PFA Climate Plus

Payout protection cover No Can be included in Investment profiles A and B
PFA CustomerCapital Yes Can be deselected About PFA CustomerCapital
Savings type

As a starting point, payments up to DKK 59,200 (2022) are made to a 10-year instalment pension.

Any excess payments will be made to a lifelong life pension

You can also select life pension or old-age savings

About savings types


Insurance cover

Standard* Options Read more
PFA Occupational
Capacity - regular payouts
50 % of your salary, however, minimum DKK 198,300 (2022) Can be as low as 1 % of your salary,
however, minimum DKK 198,300,
and up to maximum 80 % of your salary
About PFA Occupational Capacity
PFA Occupational Capacity - increased regular payouts of job rehabilitation benefit

80 % of your salary

Inclusive of PFA Occupational Capacity - regular payouts

  About PFA Occupational Capacity 
PFA Occupational
Capacity - lump sum
DKK 0 Up to DKK 500,000 About PFA Occupational Capacity 
PFA Critical Illness DKK 211,030 (2022) Up to DKK 750,000 About PFA Critical Illness
PFA Critical Illness
- children
DKK 0 Up to DKK 750,000  
PFA Life 100 % of your salary (however, minimum DKK 454,939 (2022)) Total cover of 50-800 % of the salary
(however, minimum DKK 454,939)
About PFA Life
Children's pension 0 % of your salary Up to 25 % of your salary  
partner's pension
0 % of your salary Up to 100 % of your salary  
PFA Health Insurance  Incl. children’s cover  Cover for spouse or domestic partner  In the insurance overview at My PFA (mitpfa.dk), you can see whether you are covered by PFA Health Insurance 


*The standard cover refers to the level of cover that you will receive if you have not made any changes to your pension plan.

Get an overview at My PFA

My PFA (mitpfa.dk) is your online overview of your pension plan. Here, you can keep track of your savings and return as well as use the Pension Plan to plan your future finances.

At My PFA, you can get prioritised recommendations for adjusting your pension plan on an ongoing basis. You can activate your recommendations at My PFA (mitpfa.dk) by filling in your contact details and then consenting to PFA contacting you and, if relevant, uploading your information from PensionsInfo. The recommendations are highlighted in either red, yellow or green and prioritised based on how much your insurance cover or investment profile deviate from PFA’s recommendations and how important the recommendation is in relation to your age and life situation.

You can access My PFA from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Participate in a webinar or a free course

You may participate in a number of digital webinars where you can learn more about your pension plan, finances, investment, inheritance matters or pension planning etc. You can decide for yourself which and how many webinars you want to participate in. You can ask questions during the events, and you can subsequently make a request to receive all relevant materials. PFA customers can participate in webinars free of charge, you can sign up at pfa.dk.

You may also participate in physical courses on the planning of your late-life career and life in retirement.


A personal meeting or a quick phone call? 

If you need advice on your pension plan, you can easily book a meeting with PFA by clicking the link below and then finding a time of a meeting that suits you.

Before you book a meeting, you must update your contact information at My PFA (mitpfa.dk).

If you are newly employed, we recommend that you book a meeting when you have received your pension summary from PFA.

If you only have a few questions about your pension plan, you can get immediate answers by calling our advisory services centre.


Are your savings sufficient?

What kind of retirement are you dreaming of? And, are your savings sufficient for you to be able to live out your dreams? The Pension Plan at My PFA (mitpfa.dk) can help you find the answer. Here, you will, among other things, find your Pension Estimate, which illustrates how much of your present income you can expect to have at your disposal when you retire.

For example, if your Pension Estimate is 80, you will have approximately 80 per cent of your current monthly salary after tax at your disposal for the first 20 years from the day you retire.

Does your insurance cover match the needs of you and your family?

Your insurance cover will to the greatest extent possible correspond to your current insurance cover with Bankpension, however, there will be changes in cover and terms. You can view your insurance cover at My PFA (mitpfa.dk) and if you submit your personal information, you can get our recommendation for what level of insurance cover that matches the situation of you and your family. It is easy to retrieve information about your other insurance plans from PensionsInfo and thereby obtain a complete basis for a recommendation.