Market rate savings – PFA Plus

The conditional guarantee applicable to your pension plan has lapsed, and your plan is placed in the market rate environment, in which the return follows the development on the financial markets and is added to your savings on an ongoing basis. You can choose among four investment profiles that differ in risk and expectations to return, and, as a starting point, PFA will manage the investment of your savings. The greater the risk you are willing to take, the higher the return potential. All the investment profiles are subject to life cycles, in which the risk will be reduced gradually as you approach retirement.

If you are still making payments to your plan, you can change your investment profile at My PFA ( without any extra charges. At My PFA, you also find the Investment Guide which can help you determine which investment profile that best suits your return expectations and risk appetite.


If you prefer to select which funds to invest your savings in yourself, you can select You Invest.
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PFA CustomerCapital – a unique profit and risk sharing model

Some pension companies have a responsibility towards their owners or shareholders to pay out the company’s profits as dividends. This is not the case in PFA Pension, where the owners decided back in 1917 that most of the profits should go to the customers instead. For one thing, the payment is made through PFA CustomerCapital, which can be compared to an investment in PFA Pension allowing you to obtain an extra high interest on part of your savings. 

Just like other investments, CustomerCapital is subject to risk. Together with the equity, CustomerCapital forms part of PFA Pension’s capital base, which is to cover any losses that PFA Pension may suffer. Therefore, CustomerCapital may decrease and, in the worst case, run out.

The part of CustomerCapital that is linked to your own savings is called Individual CustomerCapital, and it will carry at least the same interest as PFA Pension's equity. In addition, there is a possibility of an extra interest through PFA Pension's common reserves, also called Collective CustomerCapital, where PFA Pension determines part of the interest. When CustomerCapital is linked to your plan, an amount corresponding to 5 per cent of the payments that are made to your savings in PFA Plus will until 31 December 2023 go to Individual CustomerCapital. As from 1 January 2024, an amount corresponding to 2 per cent will go to Individual CustomerCapital. The interest on Individual CustomerCapital will be transferred to the ordinary savings plan. However, if the interest is negative, the Individual CustomerCapital will be reduced.

From 1 January 2024, 2 per cent of transfers from other pension companies and commercial banks and savings banks will be paid to Individual CustomerCapital. Transfers that are requested and completed during the period from 1 July 2023 to 31 December 2023 will accumulate Individual CustomerCapital as at 1 January 2024. Until 1 January 2024, the relevant transfer will be invested together with the other savings.


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You may deselect CustomerCapital

You can deselect CustomerCapital
At present, 5 per cent of the payments that you make to your savings plan under PFA Invests, PFA Optional and You Invest will go to Individual CustomerCapital. As from 1 January 2024, 2 per cent will be paid to Individual CustomerCapital. If you do not want CustomerCapital, you can deselect CustomerCapital for your future payments at My PFA ( If you deselect CustomerCapital, payments will no longer be made to your Individual CustomerCapital. However, you cannot change already accumulated Individual CustomerCapital into ordinary savings.