Pension Yield Tax

As an individual pension customer, you are liable to pay tax on any return generated by your pension savings. It is the companies’ responsibility to calculate and settle the tax, and therefore you do not need to take any action if you are liable to pay tax on normal conditions in Denmark.

The tax will be deducted from your savings

At present, the tax rate is 15.3 % (2020) on the return on your savings. The tax will be deducted from your savings and, if you have CustomerCapital, 15.3 % will also be deducted from the interest on your CustomerCapital.

PFA Pension annually determines your pension yield tax and pays the amount to SKAT (the Danish tax authorities). You can see the size of the paid taxes at under ”Savings”.

Specifics applying to customers living abroad

If you are not fully liable to pay tax in Denmark or are a resident of a foreign country according to a double taxation agreement, you can apply for exemption from individual pension yield tax by contacting SKAT (the Danish tax authorities).


Please complete the form and forward it to:

Sagscenter Person 11
Brovejen 15 A
4930 Maribo
PFA’s CVR number (SE number) is 13 59 43 76

Once you have submitted the form, you will receive an exemption declaration from SKAT that you must forward to PFA:

PFA Pension
Sundkrogsgade 4
2100 Copenhagen