PFA Senior Co-Housing

PFA Senior Co-Housing

PFA is building two new senior co-housing communities in Horsens and Odense. There you can combine living in your private home with the possibility of enjoying the attractive and inspiring communal spaces right outside your door. The senior co-housing project in Odense will be ready for occupancy at the beginning of 2021, and the one in Horsens will be completed at the end of 2022.

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Interest list for PFA Senior Co-Housing in Horsens and Odense

The interest list for the senior co-housing projects is open, and, if you are a customer with PFA, you can sign up at My PFA. At My PFA, you can also read more about the individual properties, housing units and the surrounding areas. To find the co-housing project in Horsens at My PFA just select Blumersgade 4. Please select Lavsenvænget 1 for the co-housing project in Odense.

Below are pictures of the new senior co-housing communities in Horsens (left) and Odense (right).


PFA Seniorboligstandard

PFA Seniorboligstandard is a concept developed by PFA which sets a standard for the construction of senior-friendly housing. This includes requirements such as lifts in multi-floor buildings, ample lightning in the entrance area, video entry phone system and homes with no or moderate doorsteps inside. The standard has been developed by PFA in consultation with the Danish Building Research Institute (SBi).

The objective is to ensure that the construction of specially selected projects is based on the standards required by PFA Seniorboligstandard. PFA is building senior-friendly homes according to PFA Seniorboligstandard in Hillerød, Horsens, Køge and Odense.