Going Your Separate Ways

If you have lived together with your partner without being married, you need to be aware that your pension plan may need to be adjusted if you break up.

Matters to consider

If you have previously decided that your ex should receive your pension savings in the event of your death, you need to complete a new beneficiary declaration to ensure that your ex does not inherit the money. Please note that this does not happen automatically.

While living together, your financial situation was most likely based on two incomes. Now you have to make do with one. Your pension plan therefore needs to be adjusted to match your new situation – both in terms of payments and insurance cover.

If you have set up a joint life insurance, you may need to revise or cancel it.

Steps to take

Contact PFA’s Advisory Services Centre at (+45) 70 12 50 00 if you need advice.

Please contact a lawyer if you need advice on inheritance and drawing up a will.