PFA Care

More for you and your loved ones

Relief in difficult times

An effective energy boost, relief, rehabilitation therapy, recuperation or simply a brief stay away from everyday life. PFA Care allows you and your closest relatives a short break or help to move on when life gets a little tough for a while.

PFA Care is an offer for PFA customers – and their closest relatives – of recuperation stays at different facilities in Denmark. The customer pays for the stay, but at a special PFA price. The reasons can vary a great deal, because when it comes to physical or mental debilitation and illness, it is important to consider the individual’s current life situation, needs and resources. PFA Care is an exclusive stay which can help to relieve, rehabilitate and develop you or your closest relatives and can be seen as an alternative to a mini-break or a stay at an inn.

Care for you

PFA Care can, for instance, be an offer for you if you have had surgery but do not feel quite safe at home and would like someone around to help you. When you are physically or mentally weakened, even the most basic things can become challenging and then it might be nice to be surrounded by professional and caring people. You can also use PFA Care for a rehabilitation stay if you want something more than is otherwise available to you. Moreover, it is up to you where and when you would like rehabilitation therapy.

Care for your closest relatives

It can be tough when your closest relatives become physically or mentally weakened or perhaps seriously ill. It eats away at your strength, mood and mind to take on the great responsibility of nursing a close relative. In such a situation, a little breathing space may be needed, because you need a surplus of energy in order to pass as much as possible on to someone else. If, for instance, your partner falls ill and you are responsible for his or her care, but at the same time you have to deal with everyday life, a breathing space may be much needed for you, your partner or your children. Such a breathing space may be possible if your partner takes a recuperation stay full of care, good service and professional care assistants.

PFA Care on several levels

There are three different types of PFA Care and they vary in the amount of care needed and which treatments options should be available during the stay.

PFA Care – Breathing Space

A stay for you or one of your closest relatives who needs help in everyday life with getting around, cleaning, cooking as well as light personal hygiene.

PFA Care – Care services

A stay for you or one of your closest relatives who receives regular home care services and perhaps physiotherapy or similar in order to maintain the level of function.

PFA Care – Recovery

A stay for you or one of your closest relatives who needs development and training. It includes intense care and help and there is a great focus on ensuring progress towards recovery during the stay. The stay extends beyond all public offers and is based on the individual’s situation and needs.

Which type of PFA Care suits you?

The choice of a recuperation stay for you or one of your closest relatives depends both on your wishes and the availability at the individual supplier. Therefore, you need to engage in dialogue with the supplier, so you can agree on which stay is the best choice in relation to care and needs.

Extra care increases quality of life

If you or one of your closest relatives need some extra care or help for a period, PFA has picked out some facilities that supply care and security of a high quality. Below, you can get an overview of the suppliers through their own descriptions of themselves.


Vejlefjord Rehabilitation

Vejlefjord has more than 100 years of experience in rehabilitation therapy and they are specialists in rehabilitation after, for instance, surgery, long-term illness as well as injuries or musculoskeletal imbalance. During a stay in the beautiful surroundings at Vejlefjord Rehabilitation, we will help you rediscover your energy and quality of life. You will be pampered with healthy organic meals and you will stay in a lovely private room with your own bath, toilet and balcony overlooking the wonderful nature.

Read more at (available in Danish only)


GuldBoSund is family-owned and -operated. The location is surrounded by scenic beauty close to the woods and straight down to Guldborgsund. The staff members work in cross-professional teams consisting of nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, social and healthcare workers and assistants who work with you to ensure that you achieve the best results. There is a great focus on rehabilitation, involvement and care as well as good and healthy food from our own kitchen using local ingredients.

Read more at (available in Danish only)


How to use PFA Care


1. Contact the supplier and let them know that you are a customer with PFA 


2. Agree with the supplier which programme is the right one for you and book the stay


3. Pay for the stay directly with the supplier