Quick examination and treatment

PFA Health Insurance gives you access to quick examination and treatment at hospitals, clinics and by specialists. Normally, examination and treatment are initiated within 5 - 10 weekdays.

PFA Health Insurance

It is possible for you to take out PFA Health Insurance, which gives you quick access to examination or treatment if you experience pain, fall ill or get injured. Your children will automatically be covered by the insurance plan.

How to use PFA Health Insurance

1. Contact your doctor

You always need to start by contacting your own doctor, who must assess your need for treatment and give you a referral or recommendation.

*for instance, you need a recommendation if your doctor assesses that you need to see a reflexologist or acupuncturist as you cannot get a traditional doctor's referral for these types of treatment.

2. Call PFA's Health Centre at
(+45) 70 24 50 01

Usually, you will receive immediate approval. Examination and treatment must be approved by PFA before it is initiated. Additionally, you will receive a letter with the approval either by post or in your e-Boks. However, this does not apply if you need to see a psychologist. In that case, the psychologist will contact you to set a time for the consultation.

3. Get started with examination and treatment

We will, as a rule, direct you to a treatment facility within PFA’s quality-assured network.

Normally, PFA will settle the payment directly with the treatment facility so that you do not need to pay upfront and claim the payment back later.

What is covered?

What is covered?

Among other things, your Health Insurance includes:
- Expenses for pre-examinations, treatments and re-examinations at hospitals, clinics or by specialists
- Psychologist (needs-based)
- Treatment by psychiatrists (up to 12 consultations)
- Chiropractor and physiotherapist (/needs-based)
- Acupuncturist and reflexologist (up to 12 treatments in total)
- Treatment of abuse of alcohol, medicine and other intoxicants (up to DKK 132,000)
- Rehabilitation therapy (up to 6 months)
- Recuperation stay (up to 3 months)
- Medicine (up to 6 months)
- Dietician (up to 12 consultations in case of BMI above 30 or below 18)
- Temporary home care services (up to 3 months)
- Transportation
- Second opinion

What your Health Insurance, among other things, does not cover
- Chronic illnesses that have arisen before you were covered by PFA Health Insurance
- Cosmetic surgeries
- Glasses, contact lenses, hearing aids or dental treatment
- Treatment against childlessness and any consequences of pregnancy and birth
- Emergency treatments (for instance from emergency service and casualty ward)
- Needs of treatment that occurred before you became covered by PFA Health Insurance

Log on to My PFA and see which terms apply to you.

Quick help in connection with stress symptoms

You have access to quick help if you experience stress symptoms. The faster you get help, the greater the possibility of preventing stress symptoms from turning into a serious health problem. Therefore, you do not need a doctor's referral. You simply contact PFA and then we will refer you to a business psychologist specialised in stress.

Your children have the same cover as you do

Your children below the age of 24 are automatically covered by your Health Insurance and are therefore ensured the same access to quick treatment. The same applies to your cohabiting partner’s resident children.

Read more about Health Insurance at pfa.dk and at My PFA in your terms and conditions of pension in the section “Special terms and conditions of pension for PFA Health Insurance”, where the detailed terms and conditions of your PFA Health Insurance are described.

PFA Health Insurance for your partner

If you have PFA Health Insurance, it will often be possible for you to take out Health Insurance for your spouse or cohabiting partner. Your partner’s Health Insurance must be paid annually through Betalingsservice.

You can only take out Health Insurance for your spouse or cohabiting partner if the agreement between your employer and PFA allows for it.