Health solutions for companies

Most employees have a better working day and experience a boost in their energy levels if the company has a strong focus on preventive measures and health in general.

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Spotlight on employee performance

30% reduced sickness absence

79% pain reduction

20% increased productivity


Research shows that an early and integrated intervention is crucial when it comes to reducing long-term illness and increasing everyday energy levels.

PFA makes a healthier lifestyle easy, and the result is that the employees' energy levels rise, making it easier for them to use their full potential and thus increase the productivity of the company.


Energy levels

The PFA process

PFA works with strategic health and preventive measures based on the latest research and evidence. We enter into a partnership with our customers to ensure that the health initiatives support the company's overall strategy.



Health screening

You will receive a comprehensive report that gives you an overview of the overall state of health within your company. The results will be used as the baseline of the efficiency analysis.


Motivational tools

The employees can use the motivational tool PFA Health (in Danish only) as an inspiration. Or, they can call PFA Healthcare Hotline to get help with making lifestyle changes.


Health strategy

Together, we prepare your company’s health strategy based on your current initiatives, the effect of these initiatives and your targets.


Implementation and measurement

The health initiatives are simple, evidence-based, efficient activities that engage employees and prevent various disorders at all levels of the organisation.

We measure the effectiveness of the initiatives before, during and after they are implemented.